Different Ways To Save Money And Energy On Water Heater

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Different Ways To Save Money And Energy On Water Heater

Saving money is not a good idea, in fact, it is also great for the planet. Having water heater in the house is something that most people take for granted. It is an home appliance that consume almost 18% of total power bill. Laundry, showering, and washing dishes are a few house hold cores that you do with hot water, especially in chilly winter season. Water heater is the second largest expense after heating and cooling. You can save a lot on your utility bill by using water heater efficiently.

  1. Lower the temperature: By controlling the temperature of your water heater you will save 3-5% on your power bills. Whether you have a gas water heater or an electric water heater, you can adjust the water temperature easily. Lower the temperature at least 120oF.
  2. Don’t let the water run: Many people have habit to let the water run when they are brushing their teeth. In the mean time you waste a lot of water. That is why it is important to turn off the tap when you are finding the soap or brushing teeth. Don’t let the water run unnecessarily.
  3. Make sure you have right size water heater: Do you have a right size water heater for your household? You may have oversize water heater or to reduce the energy bill, you may think about a smaller water heater. You may don’t know but this is wrong. A small unit take too much time to heat the water and it can lead to large utility bills.
  4. Use less hot water: Use less hot water for most of the laundry loads and also for basic grooming like washing hands and brushing teeth. It will help you cut down your utility bill. Less use of warm water means less power cost.

So, these are some quick tips to save money and energy on the use of water heater. If you have a question on how to make water heater more efficient, get in touch with Infiniti HVAC. Our qualified and licensed professionals are here to assist you.

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