Furnace or Boiler? Which One Is Right For You

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Furnace or Boiler? Which One Is Right For You

Boilers and furnaces, even though you use both of them for the same purpose (heating your house), work in different ways. Furnaces heat air and move it through your home’s duct system and dispense it throughout the house. On the other side, boilers heat water and metamorphose this water into steam and disperse it through the house. Apart from these differences, there are many more disparities between them such as installation, price, and maintenance.

Boiler Pros

  • Efficiency: The boiler always uses slighter fuel to heat your home. It means the cost of the power bill will be lessened in the long run.
  • Lower Noise: This system is virtually silent because it does not need a blower to distribute the air throughout the home.
  • Easy To Install: Boilers are much easier and quicker to install than furnaces.
  • Little Maintenance: Boilers required very little routine maintenance.

Boiler Cons

  • Heating Temperature Changes: Boilers can slow to adjust the heating temperature you have applied. You have to wait for a while to enjoy the warm environment in your home.
  • Boiler Leak Hazards: As they get old, the system will be susceptible to several errors. Water can start to leak and damage the interior structure of your house.
  • Heat Only: A boiler is a system that keeps your house warm in the winter season. But in the summer season you need a furnace to serve cool air circulation as well.

Furnace Pros

  • Flexibility: This unit can be fueled by oil, gas, or electricity. There are many other advanced options available like solar power or geothermal energy.
  • Fast Acting: The unit produces the heat rapidly because heat occurs quickly.
  • Cost: Because these units are common and easily available in the market, it is a cost-effective solution for most homeowners.

Furnace Cons

  • Noise: Because they need a blower to distribute the air throughout the home. A blower produces a louder noise when they distribute air.
  • Can Be Expensive: If you have an electric furnace, you will need to pay more as compared to gas and oil furnaces.
  • Require Repair: It is not always required but electric furnaces are very hard to handle. It can present a homeowner with frustration. In such a situation, you need a professional.


At the end, choosing one of them may not be easy for you. If you are not sure which one is perfect for you or are confused between both of them, make a call to experts at Infiniti HVAC. Our professionals will help you make the right choice.

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