How to Improve Office Air Quality?


How to Improve Office Air Quality?

Health, being a major concern at home and office, makes the improvement of office indoor quality important too. The employees spend most of their hours in the office indoors, thus, poor quality of air makes them susceptible to a wide number of probable diseases.

Research and study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), poor indoor air quality is far worse than external environmental reasons. But, unfortunately, most commercial place owners ignore the air quality to just end up regretting the consequences.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

Monitoring the indoor quality means that all the contaminants are under control, the humidity and the temperature levels are comfortable, and there is enough and functional ventilation. One can even measure the ventilation rate – the amount of outdoor air introduced in the room per unit time. This is well measured in cubic feet per minute.

Importance of Office Indoor Air quality

A report by EPA in 1989 exhibits that a good and healthy indoor air quality of the workspace results in more productivity and lesser sicker days of employees. Even more so, poor indoor air quality can end up costing billions to the company concerning the medical expenses and compromised work productivity.

Clean Indoor Air Quality allows the employees to work without hassle and worries or even distractions. Some of the effects of poor indoor air quality are panic, distress, and allergies (in extreme cases). This makes the employees vulnerable to various other contaminants, and serious illnesses.

How to Improve Office Air Quality?

  • Allow Natural Ventilation
  • Get Indoor Plants
  • Use Air Purifiers
  • Restrict Indoor Smoking
  • Change the HVAC Filter Regularly
  • Keep the Office Space Clean
  • Conduct Regular Testing of Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air quality should be the top priority in the office as it affects the health of the employees as well as the employers. In order to avoid any health hazard of any staff in the office, have healthy air in the office. If you think that your office needs indoor air quality help, then reach out to the trusted and reliable professionals at Infiniti HVAC today. Contact and get your quote today.

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