Is Your Boiler Not Firing? Here Are A Few Reasons

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Is Your Boiler Not Firing? Here Are A Few Reasons

It is cold outside and your boiler is not firing up, what could be worse than that. No one wants to ruin their day with central heating not working and no hot water. It is an issue that you want to solve as quickly as possible. Boilers are something that has some complicated pieces of equipment. So many people rely on a boiler to get a proper central heating system and hot water in the house. Just like other home appliances, this can also stop working.

Here are some common problems that you want to solve quickly.

  1. Insufficient gas pressure: Sometimes, the boiler does not get enough gas to fire up. You must test the gas pressure to determine the issue where it lies. An interrupted gas supply is enough to block boiler ignition. The gas meter might be frozen. A frozen meter can lead to low gas pressure.
  2. The boiler time is not working: An old thermostat can be another reason. If your thermostat is too low, a boiler will not ignite. A recent power outage can reset your boiler to its factory default setting. It can cause fire at the wrong time.
  3. A fault with the fan: When you operate a boiler, you notice a fan start first. It is not used to cool down the boiler. Its main purpose is to push harmful gases away from the unit. If you do not hear a fan sound, the unit will not ignite. It is advisable to check the boiler as soon as possible.
  4. No pilot light: When the unit is not starting, the pilot light has gone out. It may happen due to debris. The debris has blocked the jet. Even the smallest dirt or dust can block the jet and malfunction the system.

Sometimes, you can fix the issue on your own. If you are not able to find and fix the problem, make a call to Infiniti HVAC’s professionals as soon as possible to solve the issue. Our expert engineers will help you find the solution.

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