Myth About Air Purifier You Should Stop Believing

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Myth About Air Purifier You Should Stop Believing

At present, the demand for air purifiers has increased day by day. While an air purifier is a cost-effective and reliable solution to lessen indoor air pollutants there are doubts regarding its usage. Having an air purifier in the house is a decision we have made when we and our family members are suffering from seasonal allergies. A small appliance in your living room or bedroom is a good way to have sound sleep. You may don’t know that we carry germs and infections and also spread them when breathing in the same air.

Here are some of the most common myths regarding air purifiers. Have a look at them.

  1. Air purifiers don’t work: This is the most common myth about air purifiers. But this is not true that they don’t work. These are made to work silently and it is not harmful to the environment through various loud noises. Air purifiers do work hard to keep the inside air clean.
  2. Rooms with AC don’t need air purifiers: It’s another myth about air purifiers. The cool air in the room might give you hallucination that you have fresh air in the room. You may don’t know that air conditioners can ruin the quality of your indoor air. An AC recycles the indoor air again and again and spread it throughout the house.
  3. Air purifiers are so noisy: In reality, the truth is the opposite. Older purifiers could be noisy but today’s purifiers are advanced and they run silently without making any background noise. If you are thinking about buying it, you can check the noise level rating on the packing. With this information, it is easy to get an air purifier that will meet your requirements.
  4. Its maintenance is difficult: Just like other home appliances, air purifiers also require regular maintenance. You just need to spend very little time on its maintenance. It is crucial to change its filter on time to get fresh air whenever you are on it. Every company sets a schedule for their units to change filters. If you follow this schedule, you can keep the unit running properly.

These are not all the myths regarding air purifiers, they are among the most common. If you have any questions or queries regarding air purifiers or are confused about whether the air purifier is good for you or not, we are here to help you. Feel free to call us for a personalized recommendation based on your requirements.

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