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Buy An Air Conditioner Kitchener – Waterloo – Cambridge

Kitchener – Waterloo – Cambridge – Buy An Air Conditioner

Are you looking to upgrade your air conditioner? Or maybe you’re looking to add an air conditioner to your existing HVAC system? Infiniti is right here to help. Our team offers high quality air conditioners from leading brand names. We install all types, from a split A/C system, central air, or window units, we have a catalog of products to satisfy your cooling requirements.

We install a wide variety of units ideal for both residential and commercial installations throughout Waterloo region. Our systems offer adaptable and versatile cooling to maintain an ideal and comfortable temperature.

Split AC

Split air conditioner systems are composed of two components: an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. These units work together to provide and circulate cold air. Our split A/C’s from Carrier ensure fast cooling, energy efficiency, and quiet operation.

Inverter AC

Similar to the split A/C units; the difference lies in the compressor's operation. The compressor installed in the outdoor unit does not switch on and off, instead it runs continuously but speeds up or down as needed.

Window AC

Window A/Cs' are one of the most straightforward air conditioning systems. Mounted on windows or wall openings, they consist of an evaporator facing the room for cooling the space, and a condenser outdoors for heat rejection.

Central AC

Central A/C is a widely used and efficient cooling system designed to cool an entire home. This system uses the existing ducting within the home to distribute cooled, dehumidified air throughout the whole home, providing a consistent and even temperature.

We install a wide range of air conditioners from leading brands available at a wide range of price points. No matter which style or brand you are looking for, we have got your needs covered.

Whether you run into problems with your thermostat, or your system has just stopped working on the hottest night of the year, rely on our team for round the clock repairs. If you want your air conditioner to perform at peak efficiency for the entire summer, annual maintenance and cleaning is necessary. We are experts in checking and tuning-up your unit to ensure it runs perfectly at maximum energy efficiency.

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Environmentally Friendly

Choosing one of the energy efficient units we offer allows you to enjoy a cool home while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Smart Thermostat Integration

Take control of your energy usage. We can help you manage your thermostat to set personalized schedules and temperature preferences to maximize efficiency and savings.

Inverter Technology

Benefit from inverter technology that adjusts the compressor speed based on your cooling needs. This helps extend the lifespan of your A/C unit.

Modern Design

Upgrade your home with an A/C unit that cools efficiently and adds a touch of sophistication to your decor.

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