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Water Heater Installation Kitchener – Waterloo – Cambridge

Kitchener – Waterloo – Cambridge – Water Heaters Installation

Hot water is a necessity in every household, especially during the winter. To ensure your comfort and convenience in the long run, our licensed technicians at Infiniti HVAC are trained on installation and repair of various units to ensure your residential or commercial unit is running perfectly.

If you’re looking to install a new water heater in Kitchener, or want to get an existing one repaired, our team is right here to help you.

Our Specialization

We install brand new, energy efficient water heaters to meet your hot water needs and your budget. Our team of professionals are trained to install new water heaters, maintain them to ensure that you get the most life out of them, and they work flawlessly.

To save you from costly repairs or faults, we recommend scheduling preventative maintenance for your unit to improves its performance, efficiency, and longevity.

Water Heater Installation Services Include

Professional Assessment

Water heaters aren’t a one-size-fits-all appliance. We will help you determine the appropriate size and type of water heater for your needs based on factors such as the number of occupants, usage patterns, and available space.

Testing and Inspection

Once installed, our tech will thoroughly test the water heater after installation to ensure it operates as intended. We will check for leaks, verify proper temperature settings, and confirm that all safety features are operational.

Installation of New Unit

Our technician will handle everything needed for the installation; connecting it to the existing plumbing, ensuring proper ventilation, and securing it according to local building codes. No surprise charges.

Explanation of Operation

We will walk you through how to operate your new water heater. Everything from adjusting temperature settings, troubleshooting common issues, and understanding maintenance requirements.

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Initial Assessment

The installation begins with assessing your home's hot water needs. Many factors are considered to determine the appropriate type and size of the water heater.

Selecting the Right Unit

Based on the assessment, the installer will help you choose the suitable water heater model that meets your capacity, efficiency, and energy source (electric, gas, or tankless) requirements.

Preparing the Installation Site

It ensures that the installation site is ready. It involves cleaning the area, making necessary adjustments to the plumbing, and ensuring proper ventilation for gas water heaters.

Installing New Unit

The new water heater is positioned in the designated space. For tankless water heaters, this may involve mounting on a wall. For tank-style units, it's placed on a stable surface.

Types of Water Heaters We Sell

Storage Water Heaters

Storage or traditional tank water heaters are a common and reliable solution for providing hot water in residential and commercial settings. The insulated tank that houses these heaters stores and heats a predetermined volume of water, ensuring a readily available supply for various needs.

Instant Water Heaters

Instant water heaters, also known as point-of-use or tankless water heaters, are compact and efficient devices designed to deliver hot water on demand. These units work similarly to tankless units, as they heat water as it passes through the unit, but they differ by where they are installed. Instant water heaters heat water for a single delivery point instead of heating water for the whole building.

Tankless Water Heaters

Tankless water heaters, also known as on-demand or instantaneous water heaters, represent a modern and energy-efficient approach to hot water provision. Unlike traditional storage water heaters, water is heated directly by tankless models as it passes through the apparatus, eliminating the need for a storage tank.

Electric Water Heaters

Electric water heaters offer a dependable and effective way to heat water in residential and commercial settings. These heaters provide a constant hot water supply for various domestic requirements by heating the water in a tank using electric resistance elements. Electric water heaters are known for their simplicity, ease of installation, and versatility. They are great solutions for homes that don’t have a gas line, or families that are looking to lower their consumption of fossil fuels.

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