Signs You Need To Replace Your Thermostat


Signs You Need To Replace Your Thermostat

Are you facing a problem with your thermostat system? If so, don’t take tension, many people are experiencing this problem because they neglect their thermostat. A thermostat is something that handles cool and hot temperature in your sweet home and provides you a comfortable environment in the home. If you feel your home is not enough hot during the winter season or not cold in the summer season, the problem might not be your HVAC system but it can be with the thermostat. Because thermostat gives a command to the HVAC system what to do. Here are a few signs that you need to replace a thermostat.

  1. Your home is too hot and too cold: A faulty thermostat can create problems while you set the temperature to keep your home warm on the coldest days. When you set the temperature through a thermostat, with a malfunctioning system, you will see that your home is not warm according to the temperature.
  2. Suspiciously high energy bills: No one likes it when they receive high energy bills. But sometimes use of your system more due to colder or hotter weather will increase the power bills. A malfunctioning system takes a long time to keep your home comfortable when you need and it drives up your utility bills.
  3. Incorrect displays: A blank screen of the thermostat is another sign that you need a new thermostat. Every thermostat system has a display screen. When you see a blank screen means missing regular information, this could mean it needs to be replaced with a new one.
  4. The system is too old: Plenty of thermostats are available in the market. If your system is more than seven years old, it may be more susceptible to damage. An old thermostat may not as energy efficient as new programmable systems.

At Infiniti HVAC, we provide maintenance, installation, and repair services for your HVAC requirements. If your HVAC system or a thermostat is not working properly, let our professionals help you. They will be able to inspect the system to provide the best possible solutions for optimal indoor comfort.

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