Top Furnace Maintenance Questions Everyone Wants to be Answered

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Top Furnace Maintenance Questions Everyone Wants to be Answered

Furnace repair or maintenance is not something that you can put off until it becomes a big issue. Small problems like dirty filters, low voltage, or air leaks can be fixed very easily and inexpensively before they become major problems. Just like other home appliances, things can slow down with time and make them less efficient, or need maintenance and repair. This is the reason to know about some of the most common furnace maintenance and repairs are.

  1. Do You Need To Service Your Furnace Every Year?
    A yearly check-up and cleaning service will save time and money. It will also expand the life of your unit. All furnace companies suggest annual inspection by a professional technician. Some technicians recommend that you can get by every other year if your system is not more than 10 years old. But if it is more than ten years old it requires service annually.
  2. What Happens If You Don’t Change The Furnace Filter?
    Changing the air filters every three months or more will improve indoor air quality and also prevent overheating. Clogged air filters will allow dirt, dust, and many other contaminants to affect the quality of your indoor air. Dust and debris can put unnecessary pressure on the unit.
  3. When Should You Get A Furnace Tune-Up?
    Your unit needs maintenance before every winter season. It is a great time to know that the system is in good condition and running safely and efficiently. No one wants to spoil their sleep in the middle of the chilly cold winter.
  4. What Are The Some Signs That Your Furnace Need Repairs?
    A routine check is essential to make sure the unit is working properly. Numerous signs that shows you may need furnace repair and these signs are:

    • Uneven Temperature
    • Some Weird Noise
    • Increase Power Bills
    • Low Air Flow
    • Frequent Starts & Stops
    • Leaks

Do You Need a Home Furnace Installer You Can Trust?

A few things you can do on your own such as clean ducts, clean the filters and reprogram the thermostat. If you find a major issue, you can make a call to us at Infiniti Air. We would be happy to help you.

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