What is the Air Quality Index? How do you measure it?

What is the Air Quality Index How do you measure it
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What is the Air Quality Index? How do you measure it?

We all know that Air Pollution is a major concern in recent times. It defines the presence of an unwanted thing and contaminants or other agents that lead to air pollution.
What is the Air Quality Index?
Air Quality Index is a number to convey the air quality of space to the general public by the government. The air quality is seen to decrease with the increase in the concentration of pollutants in the air. Whether we are talking about the indoor air quality or the air quality of a city, it needs to be normal.

Above all, it is observed that the air quality inside the home or the office building is far more polluted compared to the outside environment. Therefore, you need to keep the indoor air quality in check. Have the right tools and pieces of equipment you need for the same. Furthermore, you can check whether the indoor quality is too compromised.

However, you can always call upon professionals to help you with the improvement in the air quality of indoor air quality. The sources that contribute to the poor indoor air quality can be well judged and managed by professionals. Also, there are several machines or measurements that can be adopted to prevent the deteriorating air quality

Besides just buying the expensive types of equipment, it is important to keep the air inside the house clean and fresh at all times. Make sure that the house is well ventilated. The air ducts are well cleaned and regularly maintained.

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