Why is the Furnace Blowing Cold Air Instead of Hot Air?

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Why is the Furnace Blowing Cold Air Instead of Hot Air?

Homeowners are worried about every inch of the house even after the entire build is done. This is because it is important to maintain the appliances and machines at home. And, if you are having troubles with the furnace, then you must reach out to the professional as soon as possible. Prefer not to take matters into your own hands, and put the furnace in jeopardy.

There are two major components in the forced air furnace- Blower Motor and the Heat Exchanger. Asm and when the airflow is present and detectable from the vents, and still the temperature of the air coming out is cold. This means that the blower motor is working fine and efficiently however, the heat exchanger is not heating up the airflow. Moreover, the combustion of natural gas is not happening in the machine.

Furnaces can be a little issue for the house owners. The reasons for an inefficient furnace can be many. But, let us narrow down the reasons why your furnace might be blowing out cold air instead of hot air:

  • Malfunction of Spark ignitor
  • Overdue Maintenance
  • Uneven or low airflow supply to the heat exchanger
  • Improper and inefficient job during the installation of a furnace
  • A crack in the heat exchanger
  • Fluctuation in the gas supply
  • Water damage to the unit
  • Bad filter condition of the furnace

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