Why Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air Instead Of Heat?

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Why Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air Instead Of Heat?

Winter is the time for comfort, for a talk beside the fire, in short, it is time for home, and it is time when the outside temperature dips lower and lower. It is time when you turn on your furnace and look for warm air. Instead of this, you are greeted with cold air. This is a clear sign that you have a problem with your furnace.

If it is blowing cold air, means you are losing money and everyone is shivering inside. A malfunctioning furnace can make anyone’s life difficult. If you are also experiencing this type of problem, you need to call a furnace repair professional before it gets worse.

  1. Incorrect thermostat setting: Thermostats are from those home appliances which make our life so much easier. It is the first thing you look at when a furnace is not working properly. It is very easy to set the thermostat temperature incorrectly when the climate changes from summer to winter and we turn it on for the first time. You expected hot air from the furnace but it is blowing cold air. In such conditions, check the thermostat setting first.
  2. Check air filters: Dirty air filters will not allow the furnace to blow hot air when it is too cold outside. Air filters get dust and debris quickly, so you need to change them or clean them. You can check clogged air filters on your own. Before doing this, make sure the furnace is turned off.
  3. Pilot light is damaged: When you get cold air instead of heat, it is good to check first the pilot light to ensure it is working properly. This light is designed to show that your system can develop heat in the winter season. It is very common to have a problem with this light on older gas furnaces.
  4. Empty oil tank: Do you have an oil-fired furnace in your house? If so, you may be out of fuel. If you receive cold air from your furnace, check an oil tank. If it is empty, fill it first and then switch on the furnace.

These are a few causes of furnace problems that you can face with your furnaces. A regular maintenance habit can help you keep your system in top shape and prevent unexpected failures. If your furnace blasting cold air, make a call to Infiniti HVAC to troubleshoot the problem.

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